Pregnancy and Childbirth

Holistic Ob/Gyn provides midwifery focused care for women as a whole. Listening to each of your individual needs is our goal.

This is your birthing experience and personal preferences are always welcome; we work as a team to provide you with well informed decisions and evidence based practice. We have full staff privileges and deliver our babies at Hackensack University Hospital at Mountainside in Montclair, NJ and Pascack Valley in Westwood. Both hospitals offer quiet, private birthing rooms, aromatherapy, birthing balls, showers for labor. Tub is an option for your birthing experience. Doulas and family are always welcomed.

Holistic Ob/Gyn benefits from the supportive coverage of a board-certified physician, who is available for consultation as needed:

• Charles G. Haddad, M.D., F.A.C.O.G

We also work closely with the Maternal Fetal Medicine Department for pregnancies with high risk factors.

We offer VBACs/ Trial of labor after Cesarean to appropriate candidates, please make an appointment for consultation.

Prenatal Care

We offer prenatal care, lab and ultrasound on premises.  If minimal intervention is requested this will be tailored with your midwife on your next appointment.

Labor and Delivery

Birth Plans are welcome and we  work on providing you wish your ideal birth, keeping in mind that the goal is a healthy mother and newborn.

Hydrotherapy (water therapy) is encouraged in order to help with labor contractions.  
This entails warm showers as well as the tub for water labor.  Movement is encouraged at all times and we have telemetry units (monitors that allow for baby and contractions to be monitored); while you walk around to help with the labor process. The indoor garden is a great feature which allows you to be outdoors without leaving the hospital.

Postpartum Garden: Patient in labor with her husband listen here:

Water Labor in the tub

Immediate skin to skin contact

Gentle Cesarean


Mom looking at her baby being born, note her hands are free to move

Skin to skin during Csection

Gentle Cesareans are a more humane approach to delivering via Csection.

Options include but are not limited to:

  • Clear drape for visualization and maintaining sterility during surgery for partner and patient.  
  • Keeping the chest free of wires during surgery to have skin to skin after delivery.
  • Having mom’s arms free to bond with baby vs tied during surgery
  • Birth in caul*
  • Delayed cord clapping
  • Cutting the umbilical cord after delivery
  • Seeding: Improved microbiome**
  • Breastfeeding shortly after birth
  • Keeping your baby in the room once in the postpartum unit

Facilitating mom and baby to bond as rapid as possible after the delivery improves transition for the baby, this includes better temperature regulation and heart rate, increased attachment and bonding for both parents and newborn plus improved and more successful rates of breast feeding.  When mom’s are not able to hold newborn, we involve the other partner to hold their newborn via skin to skin.

*Born in Caul



“We estimate we have lost about a third of the diversity of our microbes.” “If we miss the window at birth then the immune system never matures correctly. If you upset this process in the early life then we may have consequences later and that can lead to production of disease later in life.”

Postpartum Support

Lactation Consultants are available for breastfeeding support


  • HUMC at Pascack Valley Hospital 250 Old Hook Road, Westwood, NJ

    Call for a tour, free classes available
  • St. Mary’s Hospital 350 Boulevard, Passaic, NJ 07055

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